Meet our President Felicia E.L Tilborg

"The power of educating doesn’t root in the overload of lessons, but in the constructive way of teaching." ~Felicia E.L.Tilborg

Greetings everyone, my name is Felicia E.L. Tilborg, also known from the entertainment character Miss ILY am pleased to announce that 2022 marks 22 years of being an early childhood professional, 17 years as a certified child & youth advocate and 14 years experienced life coach mainly in the academic and holistic domain. Very excited I announce to virtually celebrate these achievements with educators, youngsters, families and all who are interested in tips to enhance child growth and development, but also how to achieve educational success. I will provide supportive content to youngsters and their families to avoid learning pressure, stress, and other negative energy. Let's build a healthy lifestyle together and reach greater heights. FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE: | Instagram: Felicia Tilborg


Respectable accomplishments as a life coach mainly in underprivelledge areas:

  • Manager- US Billboard & Award Winning Artist Shazman
  • Academic Life Coach of The JC Twins
  • Recognized for children and youth program development in Senegal, Dakar
  • Recognized for establishing excelling development programs for children, youths & families 
    • USA- JC's Early Learning Center
    • USA- MOU Polk Works/ Workforce 2020
    • Suriname- Family Management Centre
    • Suriname- O.K.E TVonline
    • Suriname- The first to establish a new sport department of Sports Association Yellow Birds in District Para
    • Guyana- Ezekiel Elite Sports Academy
  • Established Carisportunity, a Social Enterprise for betterment of the Caribbean & Sport Community. Aim: To provide children, youth & family support, in order for each one to achieve their highest potential.

Education- Summary

1990-1996          Elementary School

1996-2002          Middle/Highschool

2002-2005          HBO/ B.ed

2005-2012          Department of Education & Partners 30+ Training Certificates in:

Child Growth & Development, Special Needs, Foster Parents, Identifying and Reporting Abuse & Neglect, Behavioral Observation & Screening, Background Screening, Special Needs Appropriate Practice

2005-2012          Department of Health & Partners 5+ Training Certificates in:

Health, Safety & Nutrition, Food Programs, Hygiene, Playground, Fitness, First Aid & CPR

 (2005-) 2012       B.ed Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Special Education 

 2005-2016          Business Management Courses 10+ Training Certificates in:

Facility Management, Rules & Regulations, Self Assesmant Validation, Stress & Case Management, General Helping. Job Advancement, Job Keeping & Job Preparation Skills, Record Keeping, Leadership-John Maxwell

 2015                  Theological Seminary 

 2020                  Ezekiel Elite Sports Academy

Felicia Tilborg, Academic Life Coach

Contact for more info:

Contact Suriname: +597 888.2835

Contact USA: +1 786.796.4096

Contact NL: +31 637.040.526