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Intentional Living for Generation Z - #Mission2030

With the different expertise we selectively recruite and fruitful partnerships we've established, all athletes will benefit from an exclusive curriculum served. Our Mentor-Protege Program doesn't only strengthened each athlete physical ability, but also proper mentorship tools to set a solid foundation within the community for after their peek has been reached. This exclusive aspect enhances the pride of the countries we serve and keeps the qualities for the generations to come.

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At our sport academy we proudly present the uniqueness of a very popular generation classified as Gen Z. The age era of this group are all who are born after 1995 and before 2015. It’s the present age who are facing many challenges and who we reach out to with a symbolic torch in this fast changing society we are living in. Our aim is to create international successes, which will not only increase the recognition and pride of our country, but also the quality of services these athletes will be able to provide in their country after their success is achieved.


We make it our priority to ensure a strong discipline wherein the importance of mental and physical health is being established through a well– balanced nutrition and sport culture. We believe that the inner health matters in order to have a massive sport manifestation.  Therefore when an individual enters our academy, it will not only be shaped up as an athlete, but as a healthy and disciplined human being for life.


We strongly enforce gender equality and have chosen to partner with likeminded people within the CARICOM. As our head office in Guyana is maintained by a male coach, JC Sport Academy (our junior section located in Suriname) has a female coach mentoring the young athletes affiliated with Ezekiel Elite Sport Academy. This nature of partnership compliments each aspect to ensure that the development  of the athletes are protected and carefully cared for.


The junior sport academy located in Suriname where the junior athletes are structurally being trained through our creative sport curriculum. This curriculum focuses on individual growth and lifetime development.


Typically these athletes are between the 6-18 years. Upon approval by our athlete manager, the athletes can accelerate to Elite status after the age of 16 with 5yrs experience. This ceremonial transition is a celebration of the new developmental stage the athlete will enter.


With the different expertise we selectively recruited at our sport academy and fruitful partnerships we've established, our athletes will benefit from an exclusive curriculum being served. A program which doesn't only strengthened their athletic ability, but also proper mentorship tools to set a solid foundation within the community for after their peek has reached as an athlete. This exclusive aspect enhances the pride of the countries we serve and keep the qualities for the generations to come.

  • Coach Ezekiel

    Developing the inner skills of the athletes in Linden, Guyana

  • Coach Feliz a.k.a. Miss ILY

    Shaping the athletic Junior Champs of District Para, through our authentic learn through play program.

Meet Coach Ezekiel


As a former France long distance runner born in Guyana, I travelled around the world and won many

competitions. I started my athletic career in 1985 in France. Athletics has always been a great pleasure to me, which showed off in my results. My major accomplishments were:

  • 1990 Trans Amazonia (International race) - 2nd place
  • 1991 Champion of France 800M - 1st place
  • 1993 Champion of France 800m  - 1st place

From this moment on my journey as a professional athlete started and I travelled the world for competitions. I left remarkable prints in Europe, Martinique, UK and 20 other countries worldwide on road and track races and was decorated for athletic performance. This gave me better career opportunities in professions that needed much physical activity. I saw a great opportunity as a fire fighter and my years employed were pleasurable, but as a born Guyanese my ambition was to go back to my country and to contribute in the structure of these upcoming athletes. I was thankful that my passion for athletics didn’t go unnoticed after my successes gained and I was granted the opportunity to further my ambition to coach young athletes in my home country Guyana. In Guyana I also worked as a Chef at backyard café. As an athlete I value the importance of nutrition, which the costumers very much appreciated. Furthermore I enjoy my time as a certified World Athletic/IAAF coach, also certified CTP level 4 and licensed first-aid instructor as I acknowledge the gratitude from the athletes.  As an athlete who departed my home country for betterment, I am well aware of the reasons why many professional athletes make a decision not to return. It’s a better future, which they never had in their hometown.  I take a stand to share the knowledge I’ve gained from outside of my home country to bring it back and re-invest in the generations to come. I therefore fully returned to

Guyana and started my Non-Profit organization Ezekiel Elite Sports Academy in 2019 with great success thus far.


In 2019 Ezekiel Elite Sports Academy has taken athletes to the Trinidad and Tobago Championship.

Domon Williams is one of our great examples who came back with victory; winning the Trinidad and

Tobago National Championship in category triple jump, but also Devon Barrington who won the 800m. 

Besides these great achievements I also took many other athletes to Caribbean countries and travelled the South Americas for them to gain international exposure. On Dec. 13, 2020 EESA athletes won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the South-American 10K road race.

Meet Coach Feliz a.k.a. Miss ILY

Growing up with both parents being successful in business laid the foundation for me as a young entrepreneur to aim high and work towards that aim with the utmost dedication. Being involved in family management activities at early age, I created a passion to make a difference in people’s lives and to contribute positively in the society. After a career as Professional Hair and Make-Up Artist for Theater/ TV production and gaining experience in the field of entertainment and arts, I continued my career in education. This inspired me to incorporate my entertainment skills in the education field, which led to great collaboration results and successful partnerships. After several years of traveling from the Netherlands to Belgium and the United States, a number of observations on human growth and development in depressed areas were accomplished. Through my community development and family management projects along with new growth and development activities I’ve founded and implemented in many marginalized/depressed areas, I received recognition, awards and many other ways of appreciation by:

  • The Board of Early Learning Coalition in Lakeland, Florida.
  • The Department of Health
  • The Department of Children and Families (child protective services incl), USA
  • Project Development Services in NL, USA en Senegal- Dakar
  • SK Entertainment Inc. manager of award winning and Billboard artist Shazman
  • Family Management Centre Inc. (Consultancy and Management), USA
  • Media such as TV and Newspaper in Suriname
  • Ministerial of Culture in Suriname (Government)

My activities don’t go unnoticed and are well appreciated in the communities I serve. The  JC’s Twins are well known award winning twins for excellence in TV production (presenters) who I mentor. These Twins obtained Principal Honor Roll credits and became high school attendees at the age of 11 and in 2021 graduated 2 university courses online.


Many requests came for diverse child related activities and sports for generation Z in Suriname, which has been my latest passion. I started in districts and poorly developed areas in the city and currently have an

active group in District Para. These youngsters made great furor after their first competition in February 2020 on a synthetic track against athletes in the city. They brought the most medals home which drew

major media attention. Our training success started on bauxite roads, but after a year we were granted the

opportunity to safely continue our sport activities on a property nearby. As a certified educator I was taught about the health benefits of youngsters in sports, but in addition I started obtaining specific athletic qualifications. Recently I completed my CTP level 4 as a certified athletic coach and have followed other trainings of World Athletics/ IAAF to enhance my knowledge in athletics. This all to increase the quality level of our Caribbean Sport Community.